Selfportait (2008) 4′


“I spent the first 25 years of my life in this flat in Barcelona, and this is how it was when my mother Caterina left… in February 2008. These images were taken moments before we started the task of taking apart the flat she had lived in since 1967. A place full of stories, people and memories…”



Director: Joan Lopez Lloret
Screenplay: Joan Lopez Lloret
Cinematography: Joan Lopez Lloret
Editing: Josep Mª Jordana
Sound: Dea Pompa
Music: Pink Floyd
Executive production: Joan Lopez LLoret
Production: Festival Flux 2008



Producción festival Flux-Video de autor 2008
Caixaforum (Barcelona)
Documenta 09-Madrid
Cinememoria-Edoc (Ecuador) 09