Utopia 79 (2006) 95′


The Sandinista Revolution of 1979 ignited one of the 60’s and 70’s generations’ last hopes of changing the world. Drawing on the magical narrative of some personal diaries, we meet people who, disillusioned by the Spanish transition to democracy, travel to Nicaragua in search of their own Utopia. Meanwhile, other Nicaraguans have dreamed of their own revolution, from the guerrillas in the mountains or from the rebellious cities.

The documentary then moves forward 25 years to show the consequences of this Utopia on the next generation, like the shards of a broken mirror image of the revolution.



Director: Joan Lopez Lloret
Screenplay: Joan López Lloret
First Assistant Director: Alba Mora Roca
Documentation: Alba Mora Roca, Marvin Salmeron
Second assitant Director: Dea Pompa
Cinematography: Joan Lopez Lloret
Editing: David Gutierrez
Visual efects: Gerard Morrón
Sound: Federic Cañon
Music: Ricardo Wheelock
Executive production: Cristina Gironès
Production: Frame Zero in co-producción TVC, Instituto de Cultura de Nicaragua



Cinememoria 2007 (Ecuador)
Festival de Lima 2007 (Peru)
Documenta Madrid 2007 (España)
Festival Docs DF 2007 (Ciudad de Mexico)
Docupolis Barcelona 2007 (España)
Los Angeles Latin Film Festival 2007 (EEUU)
Festival de Sao Paulo 2007 (Brasil)
Festival de Ourense 2007 (España )
San Luis Cine 2007 (Argentina)
Muestra Docupolis Santiago de Chile 2007 (Chile)
London Internacional Documentary Festival 2008 (Inglaterra)
Festival de Lasalle 2008 (Francia).
Mostra de Memória e Transformaçao o Documentário Político na América Latina ontem e hoje (Gob de Brasil 2012)

Released in theaters in Spain. May 2008