The Metal Stork (2012) 81′


20 years have passed since the signing of the Peace Accords to end the civil war in El Salvador (1980-92), a conflict in which the army and the FMLN’s guerrillas confronted each other. The operations of the armed forces in rural areas had devastating consequences for the civil population, with thousands of people dead or disappeared. 

In the middle of the war, ”The Metal Stork” determined the fate of Ana Lilian, Ricardo and Blanca: from the adoption of Ricardo by a military family, the lost wandering of Ana Lilian after surviving the massacre of her entire family and Blanca’s arrival in Spain. They were children who disappeared in the 1980s and today they are trying to understand their past so as to bring peace to their future”.



Director: Joan Lopez Lloret
Screenplay: Ana Paola van Dalen / Joan Lopez Lloret
Cinematography: Joan Lopez Lloret
Editing: Meri Collazos Solà
Visual effects: Gerard Morrón
Sound: Verònica Font
Music: Trebol Rojo
Executive production: Cristina Gironès
Production: Frame Zero with TVE Co-Production



Finalist TRT awards 2012 (Estambul)
Festival Nuevo Cine Latinomericano – La Habana 2012
FICG- Guadalajara 2013
EDOC-Cinememoria 2013 (Ecuador)
Documenta Madrid 2013
FIDOC Chile 2013
San Francisco Latino Film Fest 2013 (USA)
Latinoamerican Film Fest Silver Spring-AFI (USA)
Bordocs Tijuana 2013 (México)
Festival Cine de Bogota 2013
Festival Cine Drets Humans Barcelona (2014)
XVII muestra de Cine de Santo Domingo 2015 (Rep. Dominicana)
VII muestra “memoria,verdad, justicia” 2015 (Guatemala)

Released in theaters in Spain in 2013