Krakers: A chair, a table and a bed (1992) 60’/30′


“Krakers” is how the people from the  occupy movement from the sixties was called in Netherlands. The movement was very strong during the eighties but a decade later it began to decline. The documentary is a fascinating journey through the different buildings occupied Amsterdam in the early nineties, with views of the diversity of people who lived there then. A portrait of an attempt to create an alternative urban society that worn out by the pressure of the government and private property.



Director: Joan Lopez Lloret / Cesc Gay
Screenplay: Miquel Baixas /Joan Lopez Lloret
Cinematography: Joan Lopez Lloret
Editing: Toni Hernandez
Sound: Cesc Gay
Music: The Ex and Tom Cora, Do or Die
Executive production: Oriol Hivern / Lisa Berger Muscaria produccions / Cromosoma produccions



Navarra Video Festival 1993