Hermanos Oligor (2004) 85′


The Oligor Brothers are two young men who an closed themselves in a basement for two years to create a world of marionettes and mechanical gadgets, all made from recycled materials. With no prior experience, they entered into the process of creation where they blurred the lines of reality and fiction.

The piece is entitled ”The Trials and Tribulations of Virginia” and we have followed them to Barcelona, Valencia, and Berlin, gathering the opinions of viewers and recording their reactions during the performances.



Director: Joan Lopez Lloret
Screenplay: Amanda Baqué, Joan López Lloret
Cinematography: Joan Lopez Lloret
Editing: Cristina Gironès
Sound: Verónica Font y Guentzane Martinez de Osaba
Music: Rodolfo Venegas, Jairo Cataño
Executive production: Cristina Gironès
Production: Frame Zero / Karma Films en co-producción con Televisió de Catalunya



Audience Prize at the Malaga Film Festival 2005
Best Documentary and Audience Award at Docúpolis Barcelona 2005
Sitges Film Festival 04
Ourense Film Festival 06
Docs DF 06 (Mexico City)
Festival Santiago Álvarez 06 (Cuba)
Bordocs Tijuana 09 (Mexico)

Released in theaters in Spain. November 2007