Joan Lopez Lloret (1969) first made a name for himself with the feature-length documentary, Hermanos Oligor (2004), a film that portrays the secret world of two artists in search of other realities. The film won the Audience Award at the Málaga Film Festival and Best Documentary at Docúpolis Barcelona; it premiered in Spanish cinemas. He returned to the big screen with his second feature film, Utopia 79 (2006), which deconstructs the dream of the Nicaraguan revolution through a tale of subordinate voices. The following year, he directed Sunday at five (2007), a Catalan, Basque and Irish co-production that tells the story of two ex-convicts in the peace process in Northern Ireland. Lopez Lloret is notable for his capacity to bring to light captivating stories that give voice to figures who have often been forgotten. Thus, the documentary Sinaia, mas allá del océano (2010) recovers the stories of the exiles of the Spanish republic seventy years after their transatlantic voyage to Mexico. The next co-production with Mexico, 138 segundos (2011), recounts the tale of the flight of a Catalan boxing champion in the 1930s, knocked out in his last fight for the world championship. The subject of fate reappears in his next feature film, La Cigüeña Metálica (2012), about missing children during the war of El Salvador, a coproduction with TVE. He has also directed documentary films for television: Encants, historia de un trasllat (2014) and Temps de caritat (2015), both focused on the transformation of his native Barcelona.

Recently, he has directed Phenoms, Spain (2018) for the documentary series produced by FOX SPORTS and most recently, Maria del Mar (2019), about the life of the singer Maria del Mar BonetFamilia No Nuclear (2019) exploring communal experiences, and  Spanish Atomic Bomb (2021), about nuclear weapons that began during Franco’s regime.

Joan López Lloret is notable for carrying out the cinematography of his own documentaries. He began experimenting at a very young age with short, Super-8 films. He studied cinematography at the Centro Calassanç (now ESCAC) and film direction at the CEEC (1988-90). He has worked in television, film and advertising. His films have been chosen to participate in numerous international film festivals, where he has also given workshops on documentary filmmaking.


Spanish Atomic Bomb (2021) 62’ TVE, TVC, Sapiens.

Familia No Nuclear (2019) 62’ TVC, Frame Zero, Reds.

Maria del Mar (2019) 58’/75’ TVC, SomBataBat, Fundació Tony Catany, Comunicamanagers.

Phenoms Spain (2018) 44’ FOX SPORTS, 13 Produccions (France), SomBataBat.

Encants, diari d’un trasllat (2014) 52′ Bat a Bat – Sense Ficció (TVC).

138 Segundos (2013) 60′/70′ Evohè Films – Media Luna (México), TVC, MEDIA.

La Cigueña Metálica (2012) 80′/57′ Frame Zero, TVE.

Sinaia, Más allá del Océano (2011) 76′/52′ BataBat/La Maroma (Mex), TVC, ONCE TV Mexico. Four times nominated and twice awarded in Festival Pantalla de Cristal (México 2011).

Espias de Franco (2009) 52′ co-directed with Xavier Muntanyà. BataBat, Monkey Bay, TVC, TVE, FRANCE 3.

Amb ulls de nena (2008) 52′ BataBat, TVC.

Autoretrato (2008) 4′ Short film. Part of Festival Flux Barcelona.

Sunday at Five (2007) 57′ BataBat, Tobar Producciones (Belfast), TVC, ETB, TG4 (Irlanda).

Utopia 79 (2006-07) 95′ Frame Zero, TVC, Inst.Cult Nicaragua.

Hermanos Oligor (2004) 85′ Frame Zero, TVC, Karma Films. Audience Award in Festival de Málaga 2005, Best Documentary Film Award and Audience Award in Docupolis International Film Festival Barcelona 2005.

Gi-SRA: The Water Way (1998) 30′ Aigua per el Sahel Association.

26 grados a la sombra (1995) 10′ Short fiction film. Muscaria Produccions.

Krakers: a Table, a Chair and a Bed (1992) 60′ Co-directed with Cesc Gay. Cromosoma, Muscaria Productions.

Pinturas a la Bestia (1990) 30′ Muscaria Productions.